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When we think of kitchen or say washroom, doing without exhaust fans is a thing next to impossible. Seriously, cooking, bathing and sanitation activities generate airborne pollutants that must be bushed out of the house. This, more than ever, is true if you live in a contemporary hermetically sealed house where there are ventilation issues.

Keeping in mind the issues faced by modern day house keepers, CATA Appliances are out with their kitchen fan sale online wherein you’ll have options to choose depending on your respective home ventilation needs. Our broad range of products, including bathroom exhaust fans, are designed to outfit different customer requirements, thanks to our ubiquitous adeptness to innovate and to foresee customer everyday requirements.

We are a swashbuckler when it comes to manufacturing exhaust fans owing to our six decades of experience. All products, such as kitchen exhaust fans and Bathroom exhaust fans, are smartly developed and designed to outfit home ventilation needs.

Exhaust fans for kitchen and bathrooms from CATA cut downs and thereby regulates the level of humidity inside the house and thereby perks up the quality of indoor air, making it healthier. Our kitchen fans are resilient having built-in high performance motors and usually use 65% less electricity when compared with other non-standard kitchen and bathroom fans.

When it comes to our USP, our kitchen fans and other exhaust fans are applauded for the products are less noisy, maintenance free and are cost effective. We value our customers and hence innovate continuously t make available nothing but the best.

Since kitchen is a place where we cook mouth watering delicacies, it is essential that make way for proper ventilation. The same rule applies for bathrooms. We recommend use of exhaust fans at your house to keep your family away from airborne diseases. Exhaust Fans from CATA can help you deal with such airborne problems effectively and efficiently.





E GLASS SERIES. Energy-efficient. Low-noise

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