Diplast Plastics Limited


,DIPLAST Rigid PVC conduits are manufactured out of best quality Resin & other processing aids.DIPLAST quality is the best and is tested. Each length of the conduit carries the ISI Certification Marks. IS 9537 (PART III) very clearly mentions that the DIPLAST Rigid PVC non-metallic electrical conduits can be used for `surface’ `Recesses’ and `concealed’ wiring upto 650 volts. Each length bears DIPLAST mark.Pure Electrolytic grade copper rods are fine-drawn to thin wires, as per the standards online by automatic continuos drawing and annealing for accurate Dimension, Resistance and Flexibility etc. The drawn fine wires are closely bunched on high precision machines and further compacted. The bunched strands forms a circular conductor which prevents the tendency for the strands to separate and to bear with the pressure on the insulation during usage, bending and installation.

Specially formulated PVC compound manufactured in-house is capable of withstanding temperatures upto 1200C with flame retardant properties having 32% oxygen index > 3000c. The insulation is resistant to boiling water, steam, and vapours to prevent ageing and cracking in practical usage in homes, industries etc in outdoor and indoor uses and even at low temperatures. Making: The cables are printed with generic making DIPLAST

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